American Collection

American Collection

Album by Matthew McAllister

Shipping December 22nd

Matthew's most ambitious album to date has just been released! An all American Collection of music for solo guitar featuring works by composers Chick Corea, Ralph Towner, Philip Rosheger, Lou Harrison and Frank Zappa alongside a Guitar Quartet recording of the Mishima Quartet by Philip Glass.

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American Collection Film

Chick Corea: Children's Songs
arr. F. Henderson
[1] No. 1 [1:43]
[2] No. 2 [1:18]
[3] No. 3 [1:38]
[4] No. 6 [2:15]

Ralph Towner:
[5] Toledo [4:10]
[6] Oleander Etude [2:04]
[7] Always by Your Side [2:09]

Lou Harrison:
trans. D. Tanenbaum
[8] Serenade [1:54]
[9] Sonata in Ishartum [1:58]

[10] Frank Zappa: Waltz For Guitar [0:38]

Total playing time: 42:16

Philip Glass: Mishima String Quartet No.3
arr. D. Flynn
*Guitar Quartet: Matthew McAllister, Allan Neave, Uros Baric, Sasha Savaloni
[11] 1957: Award Montage [3:51]
[12] November 25 – Ichigaya [1:28]
[13] Grandmother and Kimitake [3:03]
[14] 1962: Body Building [1:44]
[15] Blood Oath [3:20]
[16] Mishima/Closing [3:11]

[17] Philip Rosheger: Lullaby To Wake Up With [5:08]


Matthew McAllister is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and talented Classical Guitarists in Europe. He has been delighting audiences worldwide with his insightful performances and effortless presentation in a concert career spanning well over fifteen years.

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