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Barok is the third solo album from acclaimed guitarist Marko Feri. Featuring electrifying performances of Bach’s French Suites and Vivaldi’s Cello Sonatas, it is a substantial release in the world of classical guitar. Preserving every voice and detail in the selected works, Feri’s arrangements are meticulous and daring, resulting in a beautiful album of timeless Baroque masterpieces presented in a timbre never heard before.

Total playing time: 59’58”
Liner notes by Lorenzo Micheli
Produced by Uros Baric

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Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
French Suite No.1 in E minor BWV 812
(original for harpsichord in D minor)

1. Allemande [3:52]
2. Courante [2:22]
3. Sarabande [3:55]
4. Menuet I & II [4:03]
5. Gigue [3:44]

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Sonata No.1 in D major RV 47
(original for cello and B.c. In B-flat major)

6. Largo [3:56]
7. Allegro [3:11]
8. Largo [3:06]
9. Allegro [2:07]

Johann Sebastian Bach
French Suite No.2 in D minor BWV 813
(original for harpsichord in C minor)

10. Allemande [3:33]
11. Courante [1:58]
12. Sarabande [3:53]
13. Air [1:40]
14. Menuet [1:30]
15. VI Gigue [2:43]

Antonio Vivaldi
Sonata No.4 in D major RV 45
(original for cello and B.c. In B-flat major)

16. Largo [3:42]
17. Allegro [2:58]
18. Largo [4:14]
19. Allegro [2:56]

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