Fernando Sor

Fernando Sor

Album by classical guitarist Uros Baric

Uros Baric' Debut Solo Album, featuring works by legendary composer Fernando Sor, including the famous Introduction, Theme and Variations on a Theme by Mozart Op. 9, Grande Sonata Op. 22 and selected studies from Op. 6, 29 and 35.


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"I usually don't buy many guitar CD's any more after 50 years I've kinda heard it all, and it's hard to be impressed anymore. I have the pleasure of hearing many excellent guitarists here at my home in my own living room so why buy another classical guitar CD? Well, there is just something I really enjoy about Uros playing, what else can I say... it's understated, musically compelling, and full of integrity, and technically perfect, without sacrificing the music. Not your typical typewriter guitarist. I must admit I have a hard time with new music, and never tire of Sor, but few people can play Sor well enough to make it interesting and go beyond the academic student interest into the realm of great music. Uros is an all around renaissance man skilled in all the modern art forms. He is a highly skilled recording engineer, as well as film maker up there with the best of them, and one of the most compelling guitarists I had the pleasure to come across these days, in this highly competitive field. Please enjoy this and check him out!"

Michael Thames, luthier

Featured in This Album

The Program

1. Introduction, Theme and Variations on a Theme by Mozart, op. 9

Studies, op. 6
2. Andante allegro, n. 2
3. Allegro, n. 6
4. Andante allegro, n. 9
5. Moderato, n. 10
6. Allegro moderato, n. 11
7. Andante, n. 12

Grande sonata, op. 22
8. Allegro
9. Adagio

10. Menuet - Trio
11. Rondo

Studies, op. 29
12. Andante lento, n. 13
13. Allegro moderato, n. 17

Studies, op. 35
14. Andante, n. 1
15. Andante, n. 13
16. Moderato, n. 17
17. Allegro, n. 22