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Here's a typical scenario - you've played a fantastic concert and it's been "professionally" recorded, so you couldn't be happier. But, once you get hold of the video, it's all wrong - the audio is far too quiet and lacks character and depth, the colours are all wrong and the digital noise is polluting the overall image.

It's happened to me numerous times, even when receiving footage from well established companies and television programs. That's why I invested hundreds of hours into mastering audio and video enhancing tools, which I've been using for the past few years in all of my work.

Take advantage of my audio/video enhancing experience and please email me about the rates as every project requires a totally different approach.


Color Correction / Grading

Regardless of the camera your video was shot with, I'll try our best to make your video look as good as possible. I use only professional color correction tools like Final Cut Pro XColor Finale and VisionColor ImpulZ PRO 35mm film emulation LUT pack.


Video Denoising

Using the professional video denoising software Neat Video, I can significantly reduce or entirely remove the ugly digital noise from your footage, depending on video and codec quality.


Audio mastering

Audio is fortunately very flexible and it's often possible to save a bad sounding recording and take it to the next level. I would usually bring up the overall loudness without sacrificing the dynamic range and apply high- and low-pass filters to remove low end rumble and any hissing noises. Finally, I would apply professional-grade reverb when the recording needs it.