CRduo is formed by the violinist André Robles Field and the guitarist Carlos Alberto Castro. These two Costa Rican musicians and close friends play their own original concert arrangements of instrumental masterpieces in a virtuosic way.

Because of their cultural heritage, these two passionate instrumentalists feel a strong attraction to the music of Latin American and Spanish composers of the 20th and 21st centuries, but at the same time, the responsibility of interpreting it with the same commitment as the so-called “classical music”. By means of their exclusive one-of-a-kind arrangements and their carefully selected repertoire, CRduo offers an intense emotional experience with touching music that seduces the ears of their listeners. 

Characterized by their almost telepathic synchronicity, their fascination with the sound blend and their unconditional engagement with the interpretation, Castro and Robles are willing to experiment new horizons in this duo formation. Their aim is to expand the repertoire for violin and guitar as well as to revolutionize the concept of a duo as an ultimate and comprehensive artistic collaboration. After many years of developing their musicianship and studying in Austrian and German conservatories, the idea of a new and fresh musical proposal began to take form…  

CRduo was founded in 2020 and their name is derived from the initials of their surnames —Castro & Robles— and their native country —Costa Rica—. 


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