Bardic Trio

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Recorded at the Cathedral of the Isles off the west coast of Scotland the Bardic Trio's debut album is a classical reimagining of poignant and beautiful Celtic song.

Featuring settings by acclaimed Scottish composers Eddie McGuire and Alasdair Nicolson, using the rare Balfour collection of Orcadian songs, the rich tradition of repertoire made famous by the male voice choirs of Wales and the timeless of poetry of Robert Burns, this unique combination of Tenor, Harp and Guitar breathes new life into music and stories centuries old.

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Robert Burns Songs, arr. Eddie McGuire
1. Winter it is Past
2. The Deil’s awa’ wi’ th’ Exciseman
3. Ae Fond Kiss
4. Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie
5. Slave’s Lament
6. A Man’s A Man for A’ That

Thomas Moore: Irish Songs***
7. Minstrel Boy
8. The Meeting of the Waters

Welsh Traditional Songs
9.   Suo gan, arr. Eddie McGuire
10. Clychau Aberdyfi, arr. McAllister & Griffiths**
11. Ar hyd y nos, arr. Eddie McGuire
12. Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn, arr. John Thomas*

Alasdair Nicolson: The Balfour Songbook
13. In my Skiff Bounding Lightly
14. The Early Cock
15. High as his Glory

Total playing time: 43:25

*harp solo
**harp and guitar duo
***voice and harp duo


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