Fingers of Time Vol.2 – Music by Carulli – Uros Baric

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Fingers of Time Vol.2 is the fifth solo album from acclaimed guitarist Uros Baric featuring Grand recueil de morceaux progressifs, Op.333 and Four Rondos by Ferdinando Carulli, performed on an original 19th century instrument.

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Total playing time: 40’40”.
Produced by Uros Baric

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Four Rondos
Rondo No.1. – Andantino (Op. 241, No. 34)
Rondo No.2. – Andantino (Op. 241, No. 33)
Rondo No.3. – Allegretto (Op. 241, No. 35)
Rondo No.4. – Allegro (Rondoncino Op. 40, No. 10)


Grand recueil de morceaux progressifs, Op.333
No.1 – Moderato
No.2 – Tempo giusto (Petit Caprice)
No.3 – Andante grazioso
No.4 – Walse
No.5 – Moderato (Introduction)
No.6 – Andantino
No.7 – Andante doloroso
No.8 – Allegro (Introduction)
No.9 – Andante
No.10 – Andante grazioso
No.11 – Larghetto
No.12 – Walse – Trio
No.13 – Allegretto (Scherzo)
No.14 – Allegretto – Trio
No.15 – Allegro (Scherzo – Trio)
No.16 – Moderato (Polonaise – Trio)
No.17 – Poco allegretto
No.18 – Andante Varié


Technical Details:
Guitar: Petitjean à Mirecourt, around 1810
Strings: Aquila 800 Ambra
Recorded with Schoeps CMC6 MK21 microphones and Metric Halo ULN-2 audio interface.
Special thanks to Bor Zuljan.

Digital (mp3), Digital (lossless), Digital Bundle Vol.1 & Vol.2 (mp3), Digital Bundle Vol.1 & Vol.2 (lossless)


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