Life’s Path – Works by Lukas Heck – Uros Baric

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The ninth studio album from acclaimed Slovenian guitarist Uros Baric features the beautiful and emotive compositions of German/Australian composer Lukas Heck. A collection of serene and enchanting classical guitar music which creates a soundscape both soothing and uplifting makes this album the perfect start to your day. Each track on the album is a personal musical journey with a deep meaning to the composer, including dedications to dearly missed loved ones, making the listening experience all the more poignant and meaningful.

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Total playing time: 52’34”.
Produced by Uros Baric


  1. Two Worlds
  2. Finding a Bridge (For mum)
  3. Echoes (For Brian)
  4. Transformation (For Ethan)
  5. The March of the Displaced
  6. Life’s Path (For Maia)
  7. Inner Dialogue
  8. Autumn Light (For Martin)
  9. Light and Shadow (For Wanja)
  10. Stargazing (For Renate)
  11. The Veil (For Jorinde)
  12. Out of the Depth (For Eduardo senior)
  13. Seeking Balance (For Stefan)
  14. Change Comes Along

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